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Trekking in Nepal

Mount Kailash & Mansarovar tour

Mt. Kailash (6714 m) - also known as Tise, Kailasa or Kang Rinpoche (Jewel of the Snows) has since time immemorial been celebrated in many eastern cosmologies as Mt. Meru, the axis-mundi. As the center of the physical & metaphysical universe, Mt. Meru (Kailash) is sacred to the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Jains, and the Bonpos. For the Hindus, the mountain represents the seat of Shiva. For the Buddhists, a terrestrial projection of the cosmic mandala of Dyani Buddhas & Boddhisatvas....the Wheel of Life.

For the devout pilgrim a visit to Mt. Kailash & Lake Manasorovar forms the ultimate realization of their spiritual pursuit. And for the adventure-lovers it offers rugged beauty, remoteness and solitude. The May tour visits Kailash during the annual Buddhist festival of Saga Dawa while most of the other trips are planned to arrive at Mt. Kailash during the full moon period to give all participants a rare experience. A journey rightly called `once-in-a-lifetime.'

Rigorous overland driving, trekking and camping, through the remote and wild western Tibet, in altitudes between 2,745m/9,000ft and 4,880m / 16,000ft and hiking to a maximum of 5600m / 18,400ft. This tour will be supported by a Nepali Sherpa team that includes a camp cook who will prepare all meals. All camping equipment will be provided. While trekking, clients carry a small day-pack only and hike at easy pace. All equipment and luggage will be carried by porters / pack-animals.

Mount Kailash Via Southern Highway
Day 1 : Early morning drive to Kodari and proceed to Nyalamu. O/nt at Htl Snowlion
Day 2 : Drive to Paigutso Lake. Camp.
Day 3 : Drive to Saga. Camp.
Day 4 : Drive to Paryang. Camp.
Day 5 : Drive to Lake Manasarovar. Camp.
Day 6 : Drive from The Lake Manasarovar to Darchen. Camp.
Day 7 - 9 : Kailash Parikarma camp
Day 10 : Drive to Paryang . Camp .
Day 11 : Drive to Saga . Camp .
Day 12 : Drive to Paigutso Lake . Camp .
Day 13 : Drive to Nyalam. O/nt at Hotel Snowlion
Day 14 : Drive to The Friendship Bridge at Kodari and proceed to Kathmandu.

Price includes:
- Permits & invitation and visa to Tibet;
- Tibetan English speaking guide in Tibet
- One bus Transfers in Tibet
- All entrance fees in Tibet
- Guesthouse accommodation in Tibet
- Kathmandu hotel accommodation
- Airport transfers
- Kathmandu - Kodari- And Back transfer

Price does not include:
- Food
- Porters on Kailash kora.
- Other expenses not mentioned in itinerary in Nepal.